Commercial trailers

For commercial carriers, Yacht Floor Heating has developed separate heating systems that prevent damage caused by air heating. The systems are suitable for the transport of various goods that benefit from an even temperature, such as flowers, plants, bulbs, art, bread, food and non-food. The system is also suitable for 'specials' that are used for promotional purposes.

All Yacht Floor Heating systems are liquid filled and protect against frost up to -41ºC. It is possible to automatically heat your trailer before it has to be loaded or discharged.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are often equipped with radiators. If you are used to underfloor heating from home, this is no improvement. In addition, they take up a lot of valuable space and are rarely attractive.

With Yacht Floor Heating, you get the comfort you know from home. And it is even possible to activate the system before you enter, so that you will always receive a warm welcome in your own mobile home.

Decorative radiators

Would you like a towel radiator in the bathroom or other damp room? Then we will supply a connection with two ball valves and a stainless steel flex hose. At a later stage, a towel radiator can be connected to this and thus integrated in the Yacht Floor Heating system. You can easily regulate the temperature with the existing thermostat.


Instead of a towel radiator, it is also possible to heat a wall. Not everyone finds a radiator beautiful, but it can also be that the space is too small to get the necessary thermal power from the floor.

After milling the wall, we replace it and fit the heating hose. We finish the wall with the two-component YFH Thix. Then the wall is ready to be covered with tiles, vinyl or formica for example.

Pop-out boxes

Does your trailer have a pop-out box? Then we can also provide this with underfloor heating. We have numerous flexible solutions for connecting any pop-out box to the system.

Promotional terrace

The Yacht Floor Heating system makes it possible to keep attached decks and roof terraces free of snow and ice. The system is inserted into the pop-out box, floor, stairs or roof during fabrication and then filled with liquid with a protection degree of up to -41°C. As soon as the temperature drops below 5°C, the thermo motor starts up and the surface is slowly warmed up.


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