A Yacht Floor Heating floor heating system is a liquid-filled main heating system that heats all rooms from one location. The temperature is adjustable per room. We build every system according to the customer's wishes, whether they want to heat a deck, a house or a cushioned wall and whether they want a towel radiator or to de-ice a railing system. We manufacture all materials according to the CE standard in-house and of course to the highest quality.

Leading architects, naval architects and design firms are increasingly choosing the excellent performance and high comfort of the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system. It is regularly included in building specifications for new homes and ships. There are now between 300 and 350 vessels sailing worldwide with the Yacht Floor Heating system. From Alaska to Chile and from Norway to China, Yacht Floor Heating is built for every climate.


With a Yacht Floor Heating system you regulate a pleasant temperature for each room. The bedroom at 20˚C and the bathroom at 23˚C? No problem at all. All rooms have their own thermal motor(s) connected to the 'direct injectable pump unit'. With a separate thermostat for each room, you can open or close the thermomotors further. Easy and super comfortable.

The proper functioning of the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system depends to a large extent on a good heat source. In the quotation you will always find our boiler advice.


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