Design and quotation

Yacht Floor Heating B.V. designs your floor heating system using the floor plan provided by you. We also ask about the type of insulation in the room, single or double glazing, the number of floor hatches (in the case of a boat) and what the other wishes are. For each room we ask what it is used for and how much. Taking into account the heat loss*, we determine the required thermal capacity per room. With this we determine the number of meters YFH underfloor heating hose, the number of groups per room and the required thermal capacity in kW for your property. All this information results in a heating boiler recommendation and a total price.

* The heat loss calculations are carried out in accordance with NEN-EN 1264. This is based on a lowest outside temperature of -6ºC and a simultaneous wind attack of 10 metres per second, including a heating allowance of 3 W/m² accumulating surface.


After your approval of the quotation, we determine the installation date together. On the day of the installation, you hand over the property to Yacht Floor Heating. Installation is not possible with several contractors in the property or yard personnel on board.

We go through the following steps.

  1. We sign off the installation according to the quotation made, including your possible wishes.
  2. We check the design together with you or the shipyard.
  3. We mill the complete installation into the floor surface, including all hatches.
  4. We mount the YFH underfloor heating hoses and fix them in the floor and/or walls.
  5. We make and press the thermal connections, including hatches and pump unit.
  6. We fill the entire system with liquid suitable for temperatures up to -41ºC and pressurise it. To check for any damage, we keep the pressure high during the entire construction and deliver it accordingly.
  7. We close the milled openings (containing the YFH underfloor heating hose) twice with YFH epoxy resin.

The system is ready. Everything to your satisfaction? Then sign the quality form for delivery.


After installing the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system, the floor must of course be finished with floor covering. The rule of thumb is that all types of covering may be used, provided they are suitable for underfloor heating. These include:

- Normal floor covering with synthetic or natural fibres, without subfloor

- Ceramic covering in the form of tiles

- Ornamental gravel

- All types of laminate including non-insulating underlay

- All types of solid wood floors in all laying formats *1

- All types of steel or aluminium floors

- All types of PVC/linoleum floors *2 


 *1 Please note! In general, a maximum temperature of 38ºC applies to these floors in connection with shrinkage and expansion. The moisture content of the floor is of great importance here. It is possible that a higher maximum temperature is required in your space. Ask your supplier about this.


*2 Please note! To avoid unevenness in the floor when heating, these floors must be levelled with 4 mm sheet material before installation.


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